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The LPIC-3 programme, and the 301 (Core) and 302 (Mixed Environments) exams, are now at/past their five (5) year age and there has been repeated sentiments from the field to update and redress some issues now that we have had some experience with LPIC-3.

The main issues presented have been that:

  • The 301 Core exam is an impediment to candidates wishing to achieve the 303 (Security) and 304 (HA/Virtualization) credentials.
  • With the pending mainstream release of Samba 4, the services covered by the OpenLDAP (301 exam) and Samba (302 exam) will have significant overlap.
  • It is time to update the 301/302 exam objectives.
  • Capacity Planning is better tested in LPIC-2 as it is core to all service scaling.
  • Other technologies that cover the problem domain of the 301 and 302 exams exist and are maturing.

Proposed Changes

Exam Content Refactoring

The main points of this refactoring are:

  • Move Capacity Planning and OpenLDAP server essentials (not everything) to LPIC-2
  • Merge remaining 301/302 topics into a 300 exam
  • Add Samba4, Kerberos, FreeIPA to the 300 exam

Further additions to be considered are OAuth2, OpenID and FreeRADIUS coverage.

Also, pending changes will be addressed which are listed here.

Certification Requirements

With the refactoring of content for the LPIC-2 and LPI-300 exam, there will no longer be a requirement for obtaining an LPIC-3 certification beyond the individual level 3 exam. For example, in order to get the LPIC-3 Security certification a candidate would require an ACTIVE LPIC-2 certification and the LPI-303 exam.

Major Milestones

  • Commence reassessment of LPIC-2 objectives as described above with a target release of Spring 2013 for new exams.
  • Publication of the new LPI-300 exam (based on new objectives) will be available in the Summer of 2013
  • Existing LPI-301 and LPI-302 exams will be available until the end of 2013
  • Existing holders of LPIC-3 certification (or the LPI-302 specialty) will continue to have their certifications remain "active" as per LPI's recertification policy (#6 in policies).

Programme Roadmap

This following image represents the roadmap for certification with the new LPI-300 exam.

LPIC flowchart version 4.jpg

Further Discussion

Further technical discussion on this project will be initiated, encouraged and responded to on the lpi-examdev mailing list.