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201.2 renamed to Compiling and patching a Linux kernel

201.3 merged with 201.2

201.4 merged with 201.2

201.5 renamed to Kernel runtime manangement and troubleshooting (renumbered to 201.3)

202.1 renamed to Customising SysV-init system startup

202.2 added awareness of UEFI

202.3 added 'Alternate boot loaders' (moved lilo to here)

203.2 changed content

 NB: dropped badblocks, added smartd/smartctl
     dropped ReiserFS, added Btrfs

203.4 merged with 201.5

204.2 new content

 NB: added iSCSI

205.2 renamed to Advanced Network Configuration

 NB: moved OpenVPN to 212.6 (new objective)

205.3 added content

 NB: added TCP wrapper files /etc/hosts.*

205.4 moved/renumbered to 206.3

207 entire objective moved to 202 exam

208.1 renamed to Basic Apache Configuration

208.2 renamed to Apache configuration for HTTPS

 NB: virtual hosts and file access moved to 208.1

208.3 renamed from "Implementing a Proxy Server" to "Implementing a Caching Proxy with Squid"

 NB: Updated to Squid version 3.x

208.4 created "Implementing Nginx as a web server and reverse proxy

 NB: covers basics of Nginx

210.4 created "LDAP Server Basics"

211.1 changed focus from Sendmail to Postfix

212.2 changed to 'Managing FTP servers' from 'Securing FTP servers'

212.3 dropped much of the client side of SSH (it's covered in LPIC-1)

212.4 dropped TCP Wrappers (it's covered in LPIC-1)

212.5 renumbered to 212.4

212.6 renumbered to 212.5

213.1 merged into 202.2

 NB: init.d dropped/redundant with 213.3

213.2 merged into 201.5

 NB: strings moved to 201.4 (renumbered 201.2)
     ltrace to be merged with 102.3
     strace to be merged with 102.3
     dropped as redundant
   	* Various system and daemon log files
       * Kernel syslog entries in system logs (if entry is able to be gained)

213.3 dropped/redundant with LPIC-1

213.4 dropped/redundant with LPIC-1

 NB: sysctl, /etc/sysctl.conf, /etc/sysctl.d/ moved to 201.5 (and renumbered 201.3)

306 (entire Topic) was merged into LPIC-2 201 exam (renumbered to 200)

306.2 merged with 306.2; numbered 200.1

306.3 dropped.

306.4 added collectd and awareness of other monitoring solutions. renumbered to 200.2