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Exam objectives are numbered in the format <major>.<minor>.<patch> (eg. version 3.0.4) which parallel the different life cycles used to maintain them.

The 3 different life cycles during maintenance and creation. They are:

  • addendum
  • revision
  • redo

Relationship with Exam Form Versions

Exam versions are 'numbered' as <redo><revision><refresh><formID>.

The refresh number starts with 0 (zero) on the first batch of new exam forms for a particular <redo><revision> combination. The refresh number increases by one for each new batch of exam forms.

  Example: The first batch of exam forms for the 3.5.x version of the LPIC-1 objectives will be version 350A, 350B, etc.
  The second batch of exam forms for this version of the objectives will be 351A, 351B, etc.

Life Cycles

Addendum Life Cycle

  • Period: quarterly (or as required)
  • Announcement Schedule: none
  • Interested Parties: authors and courseware developers
  • Version Impact: updates the patch number

As exam candidates and courseware creators ask for clarification on the objectives, LPI published quarterly updates to the published objectives.

These addenda, if any, are published on a quarterly basis and have no impact on the exam contents.

Revision Life Cycle

  • Period: 2.5 years
  • Announcement Schedule:
    • Final Version: 6 months prior to adoption
  • Interested Parties: authors, courseware developers
  • Version Impact: updates the minor version number

Every 2.5 years, LPI makes revisions to the published objectives. There is no substantial change to the objectives. Instead, versions of covered technologies may change, some technologies may also be dropped. Very rarely will anything be added.

Republish Life Cycle

  • Period: 5 years (or as required)
  • Announcement Schedule:
    • Community Feedback Version: 1 year prior to adoption
    • Final Version: 6 months prior to adoption
  • Interested Parties: everyone
  • Version Impact: updates the major version number

Every 5 years, or as required (both sooner or later), LPI will fully update the exam published exam objectives. Almost anything can change (but doesn't), new technologies may be introduced or removed and a full Job Task Analysis is performed to identify new job tasks, technologies and reapportion the weighting of the objectives in the exam.